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  • EDITION VI. ISSUE 2. ***Student Government Formed; Election Results Announced*** Enjoy the 3-Day Weekend!

Stanwich Senior to Sail the Sound; Personal Journey & Dedication to “Tuesday’s Children”

Samantha Erfe, Contributor

SENIOR HOUSE – Alex Gardner, high school Senior, will be supporting the "Tuesday's Children Organization" by sailing across the Long Island Sound on October 12. Tuesday's Children is a response and re...  Read More »

“Welcome to 204!”- High School Study Room Helps Students Manage Time Independently

SENIOR HOUSE - A new hangout was put in place at Stanwich for high school s...  Read More »

SUMMER EDITION – Ceremonies Close the Year

STANWICH SCHOOL - The Closing Ceremonies of June 10 officially ended the academic...  Read More »

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First Poll of the Year! Vote Now!

Maeve Sebold, Editor-in-Chief

NEWSROOM - Please vote in our fun polls.  Scroll down on the right side of the homepage, and enjoy!  ...  Read More »

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2016 Politics Comes to the Senior House

Maeve Sebold, Editor-in-Chief

SENIOR HOUSE - With the coming election this fall, representatives from local Democratic...  Read More »

  • Volcanoes and Family Bikes: High School Senior Travels the World

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High School Drama Auditions Held; Results Expected Soon

Helen Wang, Reporter

SENIOR HOUSE - Stage-loving Senior House students had drama auditions mid September for the three upcoming plays, Three Tall Women, The Dining Room, and The Glass Menage...  Read More »

  • Summer Goes Faster with a Good Movie

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BEST OF TECH (2016) – Meet Boaty McBoatface. No, Really!

Ted Frascella, Reporter

NEWSROOM- An online poll to name the next research vessel for the Royal Navy closed last week, and th...  Read More »

Mind and CPU: Together At Last?

NEWSROOM - The idea of human brains which are able to communicate directly with computers sounds like...  Read More »

Daylight Saving Time Turns 100

NEWSROOM – Daylight Saving Time (DST) is this weekend (March 13, 2016). Even though we as a society...  Read More »

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The Digital Student News Site of The Stanwich School
The Digital Student News Site of The Stanwich School