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RIP Rock ‘n’ Roll?

RIP Rock ‘n’ Roll?

September 22, 2014

Incredible(s)! Sequel Coming Soon!

Yona Dervishi and Katrina Black, editor

April 20, 2014

Filed under Arts

UPPER SCHOOL - Fans have been clamoring for an “Incredibles” sequel since the film earned $631 million in 2004 - and it looks like they’re finally getting their way! In a recent meeting in March, Disney shareholders met,...

Fashion Report: (T)hair is so much to think about!

Victoria Slater, Reporter

January 18, 2014

Filed under Arts

UPPER SCHOOL – The Upper School may be small and have more boys than girls, but there are a great deal of hairstyles that lounge upon the always growing heads of Stanwich students every day. From the female point of view,...

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