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An Internet-Based Life

Jenny Matute, Opinion Writer

November 16, 2013

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STANWICH EAST- The Internet is big. From going on the computer to check your Facebook or to research the history of Africa for a project, the Internet plays a major role in both the social and education aspect. It’s hard...

Snow Days, No Days?

Daniel Gusinski, Columnist

February 20, 2013

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STANWICH EAST- Snow days, considered by students the best thing to happen in a school year, may also have bad sides kids don't think of. For teachers, these seemingly wonderful occasions can cause problems, such as not getting...

Opinion: Senior House Cell Phone Policy Changes in Students’ Favor

Daniel Gusinski, Columnist

January 26, 2013

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STANWICH EAST - A few months back, in the beginning of the school year, I wrote an article in this space about the rules of the school. This included a brief paragraph or two about a new phone policy - one  some students and I ...

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