OPINION – Cases of “Senioritis” Provoke Questions

Jenny Matute, Reporter

SENIOR HOUSE – With graduation approaching, there have been several confirmed cases of Senioritis in the class of 2017.

“Senioritis” is an affliction that affects students in their final year of high school  Causes include preparation for graduation, acceptance into college and other external factors like…nice weather.  Symptoms include a decline in motivation and performance in class – which can actually be very real.

Some Seniors in the high school may be suffering from this condition, while some think of it as an “self-inflicted excuse.”

“I feel as if I have more time to do things and focus on accomplishing non-academic related goals,” explained Shelby Crimmins.

Teachers may disagree that the workload has decreased to this level.

Seniors even decided to skip a day of school in mid-February, which was largely welcomed as a successful prank by the school.

“The Seniors deserve credit for choosing a day at a time of year that made sense,” explained a teacher on the condition of anonymity.  “No one would suffer academically and it happened to be a 60 degree day!”

Seniors have different views on this.

“I believe that I do and don’t have Senioritis.  Since I am already committed to a college, I feel ready to branch out and start my new life,” said Samantha Erfe.  “However, I am still staying focused and enjoying the last few months that I have at Stanwich.”

Matt Rivera, another Senior, felt negatively about the senioritis epidemic. 

Matt, who has worked hard all year explained:  “I feel if you get into your college you should still try, because colleges want to see the continuity of academic excellence.” 

As the nice weather approaches, Senioritis will surely spread further and future classes can learn from the trials and tribulations of this year’s graduating Seniors.

Story by Jenny Matute, Reporter

Edited by Maeve Sebold