Put a Check Next to These X-mas Films

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Put a Check Next to These X-mas Films

Isabel Vigale, Senior News Reporter

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NEWSROOM – During the holidays, many Christmas movies are repeatedly played on TV and are usually the same few, while many underrated movies are forgotten.  

Some of the best holiday movies are barely shown, watched, or talked about.  While How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Elf, and The Polar Express, and many other classics are loved by many and even traditions for some families to watch, there are many movies left that deserve the same attention.

One movie is The Holiday; a story of two strangers, one from a small town in England and one from big city Los Angeles, exchange houses for Christmas.  The two opposite people enjoy the others’ life and find joy in unexpected places after trying to escape their troubles at home.  

Christmas With the Kranks is a holiday movie many know, but few remember to watch.  With a family who’s daughter leaves for the first time during the holidays, the parents decide to boycott all things Christmas.  Living in a town with very spirited neighbors, their neighbors attempt to bring Christmas to them anyways and to join in the holiday spirit despite the couple’s resistance. The community is brought together to solve an unexpected problem, and Christmas is saved.  

A Year Without Santa Clause, a claymation movie, depicts Santa Clause thinking Christmas spirit has not arrived and people do not believe in him anymore.  It is up to two elves to show Santa he should not skip Christmas by visiting two brothers, Snow Miser and Heat Miser, to make it snow and to overall save Christmas around the world.  

The Christmas Truce tells the story of a ceasefire during World War I all along the Western Front during Christmas Eve and Day.  Soldiers from both sides of the war meet in the middle of the trenches, no man’s land, to celebrate the holidays together as one instead of enemies.  The Christmas Truce conveys troops coming together to enjoy a holiday without fighting while away from all their families, all sharing a common trait.

These underrated, heartwarming Christmas movies and many more should be appreciated and watched more frequently during the holidays to bring about the Christmas spirit everyone looks forward to.  

Story by Isabel Vigale, Senior News Reporter

Edited by Maeve Sebold, Editor in Chief

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