OPINION – Scare up a Halloween Date Change Now

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OPINION – Scare up a Halloween Date Change Now

David-Jared Matthews, Reporter

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NEWSROOM- This year, Halloween takes place on Wednesday, October 31st.

Halloween always falls on October 31st, which means that it is more likely to fall on a weekday, rather than on the weekend.

According to USA Today, the Halloween and Costume Association is petitioning to ask President Trump to change the date of Halloween every year and trick or treating to the last Saturday of October.

Trick or Treating on a school night is a nuisance.  Parents won’t let you stay out late, you have homework and could have a test or quiz the next day, and they won’t let you eat all of your candy.  Halloween only occurs once a year and many would agree that it shouldn’t be rushed.

Halloween has been celebrated on October 31st for hundreds of years and it is time for a change.  No one wants to sit around in hours of traffic when they have gone home early to lug their kids to this person’s house and that street on a school night.

This is not the first holiday to have a debate on whether or not it should be moved. Presidents’ Day celebrates some of our presidents birthdays all on a Monday each year to give students a three-day weekend.  Martin Luther King Day also always falls on a Monday for the same reason.  If we are changing birthdays of presidents and crucial figures to our country, why should the date that we distribute candy be any different?

The power to move Halloween to a Saturday every year going forward is in your hands.  To join the petition to change the date of Halloween to better the experience for both children and parents.

Story by David-Jared Matthews, Reporter

Edited by Ted Frascella, Editor-in-Chief

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