OPINION – Shared School Values Will Live On

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OPINION – Shared School Values Will Live On

Carylin Rivera, Reporter

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NEWSROOM –  As a year of change and transitions progress, it is important for all of us in this community to begin thinking about how we want our values to carried forth as students at Greenwich Country Day School.

It’s well known that GCDS follows a set of values known as TIGER PRIDE.  These values set up the foundations of a GCDS student much like the Stanwich Seven does for us.  Thoughtful, Inclusive, Generous, Empathetic, Responsible, Polite, Respectful, Integrity, Dependable, and Enthusiastic are what make up TIGER PRIDE.

If you pay close attention, the comparisons to the Stanwich value code is obvious.  Compassion, Courage, Commitment, Honesty, Forgiveness, Joy, and Wisdom is what I based my character on since I started here in 2010.

“The Stanwich Seven and Tiger Pride are pretty similar.  I feel that it won’t be so different but I know for sure that students will forever remember our core values,” said Nichole Roldan, junior, when asked how she will feel about the transition.

Explaining what TIGER PRIDE means from the GCDS side, Justin Roldan, a freshman there weighed in.

“It is a set of morals that are expected to be followed, each letter stands for something different that is seen throughout the halls of GCDS.  There are instances where TIGER PRIDE is being integrated with our everyday interactions.  These interactions could be with friends, fellow classmates, and even teachers.  I think it’s a great way to deliver the message of what GCDS stands for.”

This appears to be a common mentality: students are excited about a new start but will hold onto the legacy of Stanwich even after next fall- through GCDS’s value system.  As one school fades on the signposts, it will remain in many students’ hearts…their Stanwich Heart.

Story by Carylin Rivera, Reporter

Edited by Ted Frascella, Editor in Chief

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