State of the School Address: President Highlights Reformed Student Government; Mentions Achievements & Goals

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State of the School Address: President Highlights Reformed Student Government; Mentions Achievements & Goals

Nichole Roldan, Reporter

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STANWICH SCHOOL – This Monday Stanwich had its first State of the School Address.  Directed towards the Upper School, our Student Body President, Cullen Murphy (Senior) , gave her first speech on the current goals of the Student Government.

Cullen began her speech with a brief reflection on past achievements in Student Government.  With the help of her government officials, Cullen has helped students be heard with their ideas and suggestions.

This fall, students had the opportunity to dress in costumes on Halloween, which hasn’t been possible in past years.  Along with the costumes, our snack variety has gotten a lot bigger and better according to students.  The last thing they achieved this past trimester, was the formation of a film club.  With the help of Alex Short (Junior) this club was formed to discuss films that students seem to enjoy.

Another club in the works is a potential Abilis club.  Abilis is a non profit organization that provides services for individuals with special needs and their families.  Veronica Turek (Junior) has expressed her enthusiasm for this association and therefore would like to form a club to help Abilis.

Along these achievements, Student Government is currently working on many projects with administrators.  Cullen explained that she wants to help the students figure out a way to keep the Spartan Hall clean, not only for the visitors, but for the students because we are the ones who are in the hall most of the day.  Our Treasurer, David Jared Matthews (sophomore) is teaming up with Cullen in forming a Fundraising Committee to raise money during events for the school.  Government officials are as well working on discussing a potential future Modified Dress Fridays for all students and teachers.

“A written proposal for Modified Dress Fridays has already been given to Mr. Murphy.  I will be meeting with him [on Wednesday] to discuss the logistics of exactly how and when these days can be incorporated into our schedule”, said Cullen.

A main component of the State of the School Address was the collaboration with GCDS because of the transition year.  Recently GCDS had a Homecoming which very much incorporated the Stanwich community.  Cullen expressed her idea to work with GCDS student representatives to discuss ideas or suggestions being made public at either school from students.  The formation of an Honor Board, which already exists at Old Church Road for 9th grade, was also mentioned.

With many, many projects along the way, students made clear of their opinions.  Sean Kondracki, a junior, said,

“It was great to hear Student Government is trying to have a bigger impact this year.  My only concern is if some of the ideas won’t be approved by the teachers or other administrators.”

It seems students had very similar opinions on the role of Student Government this year.  Schuyler Dubitsky, Senior, explained,

“I feel as though good, concrete steps forward are finally being taken by Student Government and that they finally have some pushing power this year.”

Being Student Body President seems like a pretty challenging role and with the reputation from years past of Student Government disappearing early on in the year, it makes it a lot more difficult.  With many students wanting to be heard, helping students with proposals can get a bit stressful.  

Cullen explained, “The biggest challenge this year has been organizing each of the proposals we have made and ensuring they are officially implemented.”

Even though it can get very difficult at times, Cullen is always happy to help students.

“It is truly the best challenge you can have.  There is so much creativity in our meetings that we need an exact system to approve our new ideas.”

Cullen wrapped up her speech reminding students that their voices should be heard because,

“Voice is change.”

Story by Nichole Roldan, Reporter

Edited by Ted Frascella, Editor in Chief

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