Student Government Passes Halloween Costumes; New Agenda Items Upcoming

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Student Government Passes Halloween Costumes; New Agenda Items Upcoming

Nichole Roldan, Reporter

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UPPER SCHOOL – Student Government recently had their second meeting last Monday on the 22nd of October.  The meeting explained the school’s plans for Halloween and possible future Stanwich Spirit activities.

Because of Halloween this Wednesday, the Student Government is planning to permit students to wear costumes to school in celebration.  While students are free to dress up however they want, they are expected to follow certain guide lines, such as keeping the costume a reasonable size, as well as not wearing anything too revealing or scary.  If students break these rules or blatantly ignore the guide lines, there is a possible chance of being asked to change clothes, go home early, or stay for after school detention.

Students should respect the opportunity because wearing your costume is a privilege, not a right.  If you are questioning your costume, you’re better off not wearing it.

After discussing Halloween, grade representatives brought up many suggestions circulating the student body.  Some requests have been about extra clubs, bringing back the vending machine, and potential breakfast.

One of the suggestions Student Government is currently working on a new film club which would meet once or twice a week during lunch.  This would not be considered a class or elective and there would not be any grades.

As one might imagine, running Student Government and being student council president can be hard.  

When asked in a separate interview on how she runs the meetings, President, Cullen Murphy (Senior), responded with,

“The best way, in my opinion, to go about Student Government meetings is to just listen to everyone and to make sure everyone is being heard… Being heard is the most important thing to make an actual change.”

Vice President, Dylan McCormick (Junior) was asked what topics should be discussed at the meetings at this point in the year.

He replied, “I think what’s most important for us to discuss at Student Government meetings is whatever’s most important to the Student Body. It’s our job, ultimately, to represent them and their wants and desires.”

Currently Student Government is working on some very exciting ideas that could potentially be made possible in the upcoming weeks or months.

Story by Nichole Roldan, Reporter

Edited by Ted Frascella, Editor in Chief

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