Apple-Picking Season: Newest iPhone Unveiled

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Apple-Picking Season: Newest iPhone Unveiled

Ted Frascella, Editor-in-Chief

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NEWSROOM- Earlier in September, Apple introduced its newest wave of devices, the iPhone XS, XR, and XS MAX. With prices starting at $999, $749, and $1099 respectively, this is set to be the most expensive wave of phones yet. The new devices boast powerful upgrades in the hardware department with improved battery life, processors, camera enhancements, OLED screens and more diverse color options (coral, yellow, blue, red, black and white).

According to Apple, a major focus on this new generation of phones was improving the iPhone’s retina display. The new OLED displays on this generation of phones is set to deliver the most accurate colors in the industry; all this accompanied by the iPhone XS MAX’s large 6.5” display, the biggest ever used on an iPhone.

Other improvements in this next generation of phones come by way of the improved camera specs. One of the new advents of the iPhone XS and XS MAX cameras is Smart HDR. Explaining Smart HDR, says, “Smart HDR increases the number of exposures captured when you take a photo. That means more balanced shots, and since Smart HDR does this more quickly than before, you shouldn’t notice any shutter lag when you’re taking pictures.”

While the new improvements to iPhone are sure to excite tech fans around the world, many question whether bothering to purchase the new device every year is worth it. While Apple may seem to make a big deal about its newest display or extended battery life, the ever increasing price tags may prevent customers from finding it worthwhile to spend so much money on a device that will be obsolete come next year.


Story by Ted Frascella, Editor-in-Chief

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