*Summer Issue* News Outlets: Top Stressful Jobs Vary, Have Similarities

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*Summer Issue* News Outlets: Top Stressful Jobs Vary, Have Similarities

Ben Mihailovich, Reporter

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NEWSROOM – Many jobs can be tiring at times, but what are the most stressful jobs in America?

Every job has some level of stress- that’s why people get money in exchange for the work.  No matter what the profession, there will always be stress about something related to your job.  Whether you are a professional athlete worried about an injury, a circus performer worried about messing up a jump, or a cook fearing their newest recipe may not be good, jobs are stressful.

CBS News, ABC News, and Forbes Magazine each compiled lists as to which professions were the most stressful.  All three polls agreed on the most stressful work: Newspaper Reporter, Senior Corporate Executive, Police Officer, airline pilot, Firefighter, and Deployed Military Personnel.

Police officer, Firefighter, and Deployed Military Personnel are all fairly obvious as they require one going into a potentially dangerous situation to fight or protect people.

Newspaper Reporters also have it hard.  Some reporters risk writing stories that could potentially harm either co-workers or politicians’ reputations.  Senior Corporate Executives need to run their company successfully by assuring all aspects of the company run smoothly- and possibly thousands of lives – livelihoods, mortgages, kids at home – are in the balance.

The CBS and Forbes polls agreed on Taxi Drivers, Broadcasters, Event Coordinators, and Public Relations Executives as also having stressful jobs.

ABC had a few outliers on their list.  They included jobs like miner, teacher, working parent, and doctors.

Ms. Wood, Upper School history teacher, says being a working parent is the most stressful job.

“I think the most stressful job is being a working mom,” she said.  “You are working 24 hours a day and you are always worrying about your kids or your students.”

Story by Ben Mihailovich, Reporter

Edited by Ted Frascella, Interim Editor in Chief

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