REVIEW: ‘Venom’ Lacks Bite in New Comic Book Film

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REVIEW: ‘Venom’ Lacks Bite in New Comic Book Film

Hamish Dubitsky, Reporter

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[Possible spoilers ahead – proceed with caution.]

NEWSROOM – For all of its enjoyable moments, “Venom,” from Sony Pictures, is ultimately yet another disappointing superhero film.  The main fault of this movie is its un-compelling plot. Its generic origin story plot involves Eddie Brock, a washed up journalist played by Tom Hardy, who merges with an alien life form, a symbiote called Venom. While in theory this sounds like a great idea, in practice the plot is far too confusing and impractical.  The movie also jumps back and forth between between being a comedy and an action movie, but is never effectively either.

Another fundamental problem with the film stems from the villain, Carlton Drake, played by Riz Ahmed.  His character is about as generic as they come. He wants to fuse symbiotes and people so that humanity can live in space, but neither his dialogue or motivations are captivating enough to enthrall an audience that is paying attention.  The same goes for Eddie Brock. Though Tom Hardy does a good job with what he is given, he is not able to save the lack luster dialogue and story that bogs down most of the movie.

 However, this is not to say that the movie is all bad.  The internal dialogue between Eddie and Venom is when the movie is at its best.  Some of the dialogue is legitimately funny and intriguing. The character of Venom himself is not half bad either, with a interesting, if simplistic, backstory. The action scenes vary massively in quality, but certain ones, such as the final showdown between Venom and another symbiote named Riot, are legitimately fun and kinetic.

 Nonetheless, these moments are few and far between, and feel very out of place in the overall movie.  Unlike many critics seem to claim, the movie is not utterly terrible, nor is it irredeemable. The good portions of the film are very well done, but the bad parts, which take up the majority of the runtime, simply completely overshadow them.  These glimpses of a good movie show what “Venom” could have been if the film had leaned more into its absurdist nature, and taken itself less seriously. Hopefully, Sony Pictures will learn from this their mistakes in this film, but not remove the aspects that they did well in the film. Five out of ten.


Story by Hamish Dubitsky, reporter

Edited by Ted Frascella, Editor-in-Chief

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