OPINION – The More Stanwich Changes, the More It Can Stay the Same

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OPINION – The More Stanwich Changes, the More It Can Stay the Same

Carylin Rivera, Reporter

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NEWSROOM/OPINION – As my ninth year at Stanwich opens, I am experiencing something I would have never thought I would experience: a transition to another school.  

This isn’t a critique but rather a statement of fact and experience.  As such, it matters that we consider where we are as a school.

For our final year as The Stanwich School as we know it, we need to make our mark.  For starters, we as Stanwich students cannot forget the values Mrs. Young, Mr. Geis, Mr. Sachs, and our teachers have instilled in us.  If we start to forget what we were taught as Stanwich students, our legacy will not live on. That is not acceptable to me and the GCDS future would be a little less complete without it.

As this year moves along, we must remember how our Stanwich community differs so greatly from other school atmospheres.  The smaller nature of our student body may make others think we are insignificant, however I believe that is what made us unique.

Holding on to important aspects matters a great deal.  I speak from personal experience.

Stanwich is the second school I have attended that is coming to an end.  The end of my first school Grace Christian was not as emotional for me as the end of Stanwich, mainly because I was younger and not as attached.

The coincidences will continue for me as a GCDS Senior in 2019-20, because my brother David was a part of the first graduating class here at Stanwich in 2014.

Our relationships with each other and how close we are with our teachers is something I can never forget and I hope we as a community never do either.  In the best case scenario, that culture will continue to exist at GCDS Upper School starting in 2019.

Even though in less than a year we will be known as The Greenwich Country Day School, our attitudes toward ourselves, each other and the world do not have to change. Never change who you are because of a new academic setting.  Be as devoted, kind, respectful, and caring as GCDS students, as you are as Stanwich students.

In an interview with Mrs. Kerekes, Upper School math teacher, I asked what she thought students and teachers could do this year to make it memorable. In an email exchange, she said that we need to appreciate the small numbers we have; not just through an academic setting, but in the social setting as well. 

“Be open to change. Change can cause anyone anxiety.  But know, that if we never had change in our lives, we would never grow as people,” stated Mrs. Kerekes.

As we move forward in our new year, be joyful when thinking about change and new opportunities, be compassionate to your fellow students and teachers, have courage to try new things and challenge yourself, be honest in all that you do, be wise when overcoming dilemmas, and always try to do the right thing- never dwell on the past, always forgive.

The values endure into the future.


[Editor’s note: Carylin Rivera is a reporter for The Stanwich Post and a likely candidate for Student Government President.]

Story by Carylin Rivera, Reporter

Edited by Ted Frascella, Editor in Chief

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