OPINION – More Homework Is a Must

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OPINION – More Homework Is a Must

David-Jared Matthews, Opinion Writer

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NEWSROOM – We, the students, love homework and wish that we would have more of it.

I speak for every single student that ever attended school since the beginning of time.  It seems overly broad and sweeping, but there are values which are universal.

When I say that homework is truly fundamental to the foundation of students’ education, it echoes the lessons of adults: learning doesn’t stop just because school ends.

In addition, students learn more when they are stressed out and under pressure.  It suddenly counts.  After a long eight-hour-plus day at school and having to get up early, to come home to hours of homework is a remedy so we don’t even notice the work we are doing.  It’s simple: more stress allows us to learn more.

More homework means more time to not have any free time or fun, or – as we are always reminded by the world – to get into trouble.   What better way to keep us off our phones?  Homework keeps us occupied to the point where we don’t have anything else to do.

Balance causes problems: what is more important? Swimming or trumpet?  No need to choose if we have homework to do.

The weekend isn’t for spending time with family or friends or even taking a break from school for that matter, it is for homework.  We are at home.  Let’s work!

Who wouldn’t want to sit in a dark room for hours on end for five days in a row to feel the pressure at school and then go home to hours of homework to feel the pressure from school.  Now that’s balance!

We do homework until we fall asleep because who needs sleep anyway, when we can do homework?

The answer to all issues and problems of learning and free-time and screen-time is homework.  Homework time.  That’s the key!


Story by David-Jared Matthews, Reporter

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