OPINION – Giving Thanks Campus-Wide as Community Reflects

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OPINION – Giving Thanks Campus-Wide as Community Reflects

Carylin Rivera, Reporter

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NEWSROOM-  With Thanksgiving upon us, it’s the perfect time to think about what we are thankful for and take a moment to realize all that we have here at Stanwich and in our everyday lives.  

In a tradition as old as the Upper School itself, the entire 6-12 student body gathered to tell peers, faculty, and partners in our community what each person is thankful for.  Everything from wedding proposals to pets; from family to health and modern medicine were mentioned.

When asked why it is important for all of us to take a minute and be thankful, Veronica Turek, junior, said,

“It’s important because we take so much for granted nowadays and forget to appreciate what we have so we should take a minute in order to show thanks because we could be in a worse situation than we are now.”

Tyler Gebhart, Senior, said,  “I think it’s important for us to take a step back and recognize all the blessings in our life because it gives us perspective. We have so much abundance, and because of this it’s so easy to become complacent and selfish in our day-to-day lives. Retreating for a moment and recognizing the benefits we have in our lives allows us to remain empathetic and continue relationships we have with one another. Thankfulness changes our perspective from ourselves and shifts it towards others.”

I am thankful for the eight years I have had at Stanwich.  Here I have made my closest friends and the strongest relationships with my teachers that I would have never thought of having.  The constant love and support from my teachers at Stanwich has made my middle and high school years ones I can never forget and ones I will always be fond of.

Although this is our last year at Stanwich-proper, we still have so much to be thankful for, about our school. When asked what he is thankful for, Dylan McCormick, junior, said,

“I’m thankful for the incredibly unique and personal experiences I get to have with every one of my teachers and classmates.  Due to or small size I not only see my teachers as teachers, but also as mentors and friends. I also get to make really strong and close relationships with my friends.”

Jackie Lubarsky, junior, answered, “I’m thankful for all the teachers that give their time to help students be the best that they can be.”

As a community, we must remember that it was around this time last year when the GCDS/Stanwich merger was announced.  Since then, the community has been made aware of the many changes yet to come that will affect the current students at Stanwich and those in classes yet to come.  Many of the announcements and proposals since then indicate what should be a positive change for our community and we should be thankful for this when reflecting over the break.

After all Greenwich in general and our school in particular doesn’t have to “get through” anything nearing the tragedies we read about in the news.  The blessings come near and far, slow and fast.

This is the best, year-long part of our lives we can be thankful for all the time.


Story by Carylin Rivera, Reporter

Edited by Ted Frascella, Editor in Chief

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