OPINION – January Has Got to Go!

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OPINION – January Has Got to Go!

David Jared Matthews, Reporter

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OPINION/NEWSROOM – Twelve months make a year, but some months feel like they take the whole year.

Each month of the year brings something special to the table. January brings the New Year and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  February brings Valentines Day and Presidents Day Break. March brings Spring Break, April brings class trips, May brings warmer weather, and finally, June brings final exams and summer break.  Still despite these events, some feel much longer than others.

As many months have 31 days, somehow January still feels the longest.  Maybe because the previous year took forever to end or because we are longing for school to end.  January is the pitless point in time when you are in the midst of winter with no end in sight.  You are almost at Spring Break, but not there yet. According to Professor David Whitmore at London’s Global University in an online interview with newstatesmen.com, it’s all in our heads.

“Although the days are lengthening a little, they still feel as if they are shortening.  This leads to the sense that the day ends early. It feels later earlier than it is.”

Senior student Katie Knepper recalled something she heard recently, arguing that “We should just get rid of January because everyone hates it.”  Skip the month.  Go straight to February which at least has the virtue of being short.

Some may notice that the summer months go by so fast and one might wonder why.  We are told that time flies when you’re having fun. However scientifically, due to the tilt of the Northern Hemisphere, days are the longest in the summer – so it’s physically true, not just psychologically.

Luckily, the treacherous month of January is coming to an end with the better and more exciting months to look forward to.

Story by David-Jared Matthews, Reporter

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