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‘Your Duty to Yourself’: High School Drama’s Real World Reflections [drama preview & video link]

Ted Frascella, Reporter

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SENIOR HOUSE – The Senior House drama department is set to perform this year’s play, A Doll’s House, during the first weekend of February.

For the past four months, Senior House cast members and drama coordinators, Mr. Mandia and Mr. Murphy, have prepared to put on what will surely be an excellent performance.

[for a video preview of the production, including behind-the-scenes footage, click here.]

A Doll’s House is a three-act play written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen and published in 1879.  The play is well known for being one of the first published plays to take a stance on social issues regarding the independence of women in a male dominated world in the 19th century.

Cullen Murphy, a junior, explained why A Doll’s House is relevant today.

“This play is powerful and enlightening about women’s roles in the world in the 19th century as well as today.”

The play follows a woman named Nora Helmer (portrayed by junior, Cullen im) and her husband Torvald (portrayed by sophomore, Dylan McCormick) and how his very dominating tendencies put a strain on their relationship and leave Nora feeling caged and controlled, like a doll in a doll house.

When asked about why everyone should come see the play, Mr. Mandia appealed to its importance and the talent in the show.

“It’s a great renowned play ever since its writing and has held stages across the world ever since.  Our actors are incredible and will put on a great show.”

High school dramas are routine at Stanwich, where a year ago the drama talent performed The Glass Menagerie with unique lighting, sound, and crew work on display.  This year’s House promises the same heightened drama through theatrical expression.

A Doll’s House will be performed at 7:00 PM on Thursday, February 1st, Friday, February 2nd, and Saturday, February 3rd.

Story by Ted Frascella, Reporter

Edited by Maeve Sebold, Editor in Chief

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‘Your Duty to Yourself’: High School Drama’s Real World Reflections [drama preview & video link]