Geography Bee Entertains; Crowns a Champion

Victoria Slater, Reporter

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STANWICH EAST – Students battled it out using their knowledge of the world’s terrain earlier this month.  Seventh grader Alex Orwicz came out victorious in the Geography Bee, beating his peers and older counterparts in the eighth grade.

Tensions ran high as the history class winners met in the gym for the final round of the Bee.

But Alex wasn’t afraid.

When asked if he was nervous about participating in front of such a large crowd of students, Alex told The Post, “Yeah, but I felt fine after awhile.”

His confidence lent itself to his win.

Alex, who also stars on the football team, smiled from ear to ear and when asked how it felt to have beaten eighth graders.  “Good,” he said.

The next step for Alex is a written test and perhaps the state competition.

Meanwhile, every year a new Stanwich student takes the gold and moves on to the next level.

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