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SUMMER ISSUE – Hale to the Three-peat! Twain is Runner-Up in Come-from-Behind Cup Final

Isabel Vigale, Reporter

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SENIOR HOUSE – Concluding the 2017 Triskelion Cup events and competitions, Hale House took first place for the third year in a row – extending their reign as champions of the Cup.

The Triskelion Cup Gala serves as an end of the year celebration and the culminating event of the Triskelion Cup.  The Senior House students who attended the gala participated in a ten question trivia round to win final points for their Houses.  Each question had a one word answer with the letters ‘TRI’ in it.

Before the gala, Twain House was in first place with 30 more points than Hale.  After the gala trivia competition, Hale came in first, Stowe second, and Twain third.  The points earned at the gala enabled Hale to narrowly overtake Twain by ten points.

Sam Erfe, a Senior on Hale House, is proud to have been apart of leading Hale to victory, and she is proud of her team’s commitment throughout the year.

“In all honesty, it does feel great to win for the third year in a row, but this year was different.  Being a leader of an amazing group and copping that win felt more of an accomplishment than the past years.”

Michelle Wakim, a Senior on Stowe House, is happy with her team’s spirit and determination.

“Even though Stowe came in last, we all had fun with the competition and continued to try from beginning to end with great team spirit.”

Officially ending the third year of the Triskelion Cup Competition, Hale, Twain, and Stowe are excited to compete again next year and welcome new freshmen team members.

Story by Isabel Vigale, Reporter

Edited by Maeve Sebold

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SUMMER ISSUE – Hale to the Three-peat! Twain is Runner-Up in Come-from-Behind Cup Final