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  • EDITION VIII. Issue 2. ***Student Government Formed; Story Below***

‘We the People’ Forum is Free Speech Bastion for High Schoolers

Ted Frascella, Reporter

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[Note: This reporter is one of the founders of the We the People Forum]. 

SENIOR HOUSE – The second week of January marked the beginning of the “We the People Forum” (WtPF).  This forum was created by juniors Ted Frascella and Schuyler Dubitsky with various faculty in attendance.

The WtPF was created for the purpose of discussing politics, culture, and current events without the boundaries and formalities of a classroom setting.

So far, there has been an encouraging amount of support and enthusiasm from Senior House students who have shown interest in participating in discussions.

Tyler Gebhart, a sophomore, shared why the forum appeals to him.

“I hope that participating in this (forum) allows me to expand my perspectives on a variety of issues and give me insight into how other people view the world.”

While many schools have had debate and current event clubs for many years, the introduction of a forum like this is new for Stanwich.  While the Senior House does have a Model UN club that sometimes discusses current events, it does not have the same casual appeal that a more relaxed lunch-time discussion/debate has.

The WtPF will be held weekly.  An announcement on the topic will be made during morning assembly, and students can come and go or even debate or observe as they please.  Since this is not a club, students will not be required to come if they do not wish to discuss the topic of that particular day.

However, an incentive to keep students coming back is that if a student attends more than half of the overall meetings, they will receive a certificate of participation.  This can be used on a college application.

Hopefully students participating in the WtPF will be able to learn about the points of view of others, participate in engaging discussions, and expand their perspectives while being respectful of others.

Story by Ted Frascella, Reporter

Edited by Maeve Sebold, Editor in Chief

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‘We the People’ Forum is Free Speech Bastion for High Schoolers