PBL: Project-Based Learning in Language Class Welcomed by All

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PBL: Project-Based Learning in Language Class Welcomed by All

Hamish Dubitsky, Reporter

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UPPER SCHOOL – Given the changes afoot at our school, project based learning is a skill and learning and teaching style that is having a surge. 

This new practice will partially replace and modify the traditional system of assessments that is currently being used at Stanwich by shifting the focus of evaluations from standard test taking to one more geared more toward presentation.  That is not to say that there will not be no customary tests, just that they will be less frequent, with different kinds of assessments interspersed in as well. 

This new pedagogical system is new to most Stanwich, however as it turns out, one teacher has been employing a very similar ideology in her teaching even before she came to the school.

Ms. Diana Walker, a high school Spanish teacher relies heavily on project based learning.

“Through presenting and doing research, you do speaking, reading, listening, and writing; the four skills of the language. That way I know your comprehension of the material,” she told The Post.

According to Mrs. Walker she began using this method seven years ago in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and then brought it over to Stanwich when she moved to our school.  She also stated that she uses the program because it empowers students, saying that, “It raises their level of confidence, and transferring that using technology is very important nowadays.”  This mindset is very close to that of GCDS, however Mrs. Walker vocalized that,

“I don’t do it because GCDS wanted it; I did it because it’s my way of teaching.  I want the kids to accomplish.”

“With projects you get to express your interests a little more,” said Jackie Lubarsky, junior, who is in Ms. Walker’s Spanish II class.

The future belongs to collaborative and project based work, and Ms. Walker is on the forefront.

Story by Hamish Dubitsky, reporter

Edited by Ted Frascella, Editor-in-Chief

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