‘A Tree Grows at Stanwich’ as Senior Tries to Restore Something Lost

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‘A Tree Grows at Stanwich’ as Senior Tries to Restore Something Lost

Schuyler Dubitsky, Reporter

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STANWICH SCHOOL- As the Greenwich Country Day School’s renovation has progressed throughout the first academic trimester, many changes have been made to the school, most of them good.  A new building is being erected where the front hill used to be, the land behind the school is being  deforested and leveled to accommodate new facilities, and the two schools’ younger grades are integrating.  However, with all these positive changes, there will always be some downside, and this is no exception.

Several minor issues have caught the attention of both the students and faculty, but one student in particular noticed how the disappearance of trees across campus detracted from the beauty of the school and decided to do something about it.

Gaby Wakim, a Senior at The Stanwich School, decided that for her environmental science project she would try and give back by raising money to plant at least 30 trees across the campus.  All will be apple trees, and the goal will be to bring back of some of Stanwich’s nature oriented aesthetic.

Gaby was very vocal about her feelings regarding the project she had chosen.

“I got the idea because I noticed how many trees had been cut down over the summer, and I wanted to give back to the Stanwich community, which has given me so much.”

She and Dr. Dana McNamee, head of the environmental science class at Stanwich, made the decision to plant the trees.  The work GCDS that has done has certainly been nearly all good, and thanks to our very own Gaby Wakim, we are able to keep the Stanwich Spirit alive, one apple tree at a time.

Story by Schuyler Dubitsky, Reporter

Edited by Ted Frascella, Editor-in-Chief

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