‘We the People’ Returns for Another Year of Discussion

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‘We the People’ Returns for Another Year of Discussion

Schuyler Dubitsky, Reporter

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NEWSROOM- For the first time this school year, We the People returned to Stanwich high school this month.  We the People (WTP) is a news forum which focuses on current events and gives students a chance to share views and most importantly, hear others’ views, without the trappings of classes and grades.

Founded in 2017 by now current Seniors Schuyler Dubitsky and Ted Frascella, the forum focuses on current events, often times political, and existed to inform the students in attendance of current events and expose people to points of view that they might not normally hear.

The first club meeting discussed the “wall” debate currently being negotiated (or not) on the Southern border as well as illegal immigration/undocumented people in America in general.  Hamish Dubitsky [this reporter’s brother], one of the attendees of the first meeting and an original member of the forum was happy with the result, and the amount of information covered.

“The ideas shifted several different times, and we ended up covering a lot more than we initially thought,” Hamish said.  “It went from the wall to people seeking asylum to illegal immigration based on visas to how illegal immigrants affect our country, and finally to how our country is affected by illegal immigrants.” 

In a Twitter/insta-society, Hamish found it productive, which was the mission of the forum anyway.  “It was a good meeting,” he said.

Other worthy clubs and forums also meet during lunch, so the frequency of WTP is still being decided. The hall screen and assembly announcements will clue students in as it happens this year.

Story by Schuyler Dubitsky, Reporter

Edited by Ted Frascella, Editor-in-Chief

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