Ennie-Meenie-Miny-Moe, Catch a Tiger by Cologne

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Ennie-Meenie-Miny-Moe, Catch a Tiger by Cologne

Nichole Roldan, Reporter

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NEWSROOM- Can a Calvin Klein scent catch a killer tiger?

A world famous men’s cologne Eau De Toilette, known for its smoky and spicy fragrance could possibly catch a tiger that has killed at least thirteen people in the jungles in Maharashtra, India.  The six year old tigress has evaded capture for the past two years. 

“We have been told the cologne can work as a good scent bait for the tigress.  So we will spray the perfume on the trees and ground and see what happens,” Sunil Limaye, a wildlife official, said to BBC News.

The reason that this perfume seems to attract the tiger because of an ingredient called Civetone.  Civetone is a pheromone used in cologne which is derived from scent glands the cat-like mammal, a civet.  In an experiment at the Bronx Zoo in New York, jaguars were attracted to the scent. Many biologists believe that jaguars can be charmed to a camera trap by spraying the perfume on a tree branch.  Three years ago, they used the same trap and caught a leopard in Karnataka, India.

“We do not intend to kill her. But it will all depend on the circumstances. If she attacks us, we’ll have to shoot. It’s a game of wait and watch,” Limaye said.

The extraordinary steps are necessary.

“She is very clever. She is with her cubs, so she is extra careful. She manages to outwit us,” says KM Abharna, a forest official, according to BBC News.


Story by Nichole Roldan, Reporter

Edited by Ted Frascella, Editor in Chief

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